Greening data center networks with throughput-guaranteed power-aware routing

Mingwei Xu, Yunfei Shang, Dan Li, Xin Wang
2013 Computer Networks  
Cloud based applications and services require high performance and strong reliability provided by data center networks. To overcome the problem of traditional tree based data center network, recently many new network architectures are proposed, such as Fat-Tree and BCube. They use aggressively over-provisioned network devices and links to achieve 1:1 oversubscription ratio. However, most of the time data center traffic is far below the peak value and a large number of idle network devices and
more » ... nks in data centers consume a significant amount of power, which is now becoming a big problem for many cloud providers. In this paper, we aim to reduce the power consumption of high-density data center networks from the routing perspective while meeting the network performance requirement. We call this kind of routing throughput-guaranteed power-aware routing. The essence of our idea is to use as little network power as possible to provide the routing service, without significantly compromise on the network performance. The idle network devices and links can be shut down or put into the sleep mode for power saving. Extensive simulations conducted in typical data center networks show that our power-aware routing can effectively reduce the power consumption of network devices, especially under low network loads. include analysis and architecture design in wireless networks and communications, mobile and distributed computing, infrastructure design and performance enhancement across network layers, applications and heterogeneous networks, network and mobility management, QoS, signaling and control, as well as support for advanced network services and applications. Dr. Wang has been a member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) since 2004.
doi:10.1016/j.comnet.2012.12.012 fatcat:ee67275mpnhrri3a3adid62pea