Level of Social Awareness Among Boys and Girls Secondary School Students District Baramulla

Mr Rakesh Khajuria
2017 AGU International Journal of Research in Social Sciences & Humanities)   unpublished
The present investigation was assess the level of social awareness among Kashmiri Boys and Girls secondary school students. The purpose was to compare the Boys and Girls Students on the level of social awareness. The sample for the present investigation was consisted of 100 secondary school students (50 boys and 50 girls). The sample for the present study was selected randomly to ensure that each unit of the population could get equal chance to be selected. The sample were collected from the
more » ... llected from the different schools of district Baramulla. In order to assess the social awareness Nadeem ljlal's Social Awareness Scale (NISAS) was administered. The study revealed that no significance difference was found on the basis of gender.