The Higgs-Kibble Model on the Basis of a Canonical Yang-Mills Field Theory with Gauge Covariance. II

T. Fukuda, K.-i. Yokoyama
1980 Progress of theoretical physics  
On the basis of a canonical Yang-Mills field theory with gauge covariance, spontaneous breakdown in the SU(2) Higgs-Kibble model is treated in a way different from that presented in the first part of the same series. Renormalization scheme takes a somewhat different form, though there appear wave-function renormalization constants common to those defined in the first part. A dipole-ghost character of the Goldstone boson field in non-Landau gauges is revealed more naively. It is shown that a set
more » ... is shown that a set of asymptotic fields does not alter at all.
doi:10.1143/ptp.64.1058 fatcat:dti2janbdzeore3fnr5iowq3wi