Object-oriented databases: definition and research directions

W. Kim
1990 IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering  
During the past several years, an object-oriented approach to programming and designing complex software systems has received tremendous attention in the programming languages, knowledge representation, and database disciplines. Although the objectoriented approach has become popular, there has been much confusion and controversy about what object-oriented means. In this paper, we will attempt to contribute towards a foundation for object-oriented databases on the basis of the research results
more » ... e research results obtained from the ORION series of object-oriented database systems. First, we will define and justify what an object-oriented database should be, on the basis of a small set of central object-oriented concepts. Then, we will shed some light on a number of common misconceptions about object-oriented databases. Next, we wiil outline the results of relevant recent research in object-oriented databases, and provide directions for future research in object-oriented databases. Index Terms-Class-composition hierarchy, integration of a programming language and database, class hierarchy, object-oriented data model, object-oriented databases, object-oriented database architecture.
doi:10.1109/69.60796 fatcat:6m7zpgmffbhr7eqnr6ijeuu3lq