CPR 4 Schools Evaluation Study Report [report]

Helen Burke, Karen Morgan, Hannah McGee
CPR 4 Schools is an ambitious training programme developed by the Irish Heart Foundation (IHF) to equip post-primary school students with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills. In the 2008–09 school year, a pilot of the programme was rolled out to 27,000 Transition Year students. The programme is one element of the IHF's strategy to improve survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest, which causes an estimated 5,000 deaths in Ireland every year. Most of these deaths occur at home. If there
more » ... at home. If there is a witness, it is most often a relative.
doi:10.25419/rcsi.10770107.v1 fatcat:w6dmlufpcfgbjhqvvzojed5cne