1896 The Lancet  
ODDowEs also showed some photographs taken five 1 weeks previously showing a general attack of Seborrhoeic < JEczema which he considered quite typical. Three weeks < ,.after the photographs were taken the rash had completely i -disappeared under treatment with sulphur and zinc. The ,patient, a girl, was presented to the meeting and stated that .she had been quite well for a fortnight. He further showed .a marked case of Summer Prurigo in a girl affecting both hands and wrists as well as the
more » ... as well as the neck and lower parts of the face, those parts especially exposed to the sunlight. It always disappeared in cold weather to reappear in the spring and last all through the summer. Such had been her experience ever since she could remember-for at least ten years. Dr. KNOWSLBY SIBLEY showed a young woman twentysix years of age who had been a complete cripple from Rheumatism for nearly three years and who had been treated
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