The implement of RFID in Emergency Medicine

Frank Kuo, Chung-Jung Fu, Li Liu, Ming-Hui Jin
2007 2007 9th International Conference on e-Health Networking, Application and Services  
Emergency medicine is an important link in When the accidents are happened, most of the healthcare system. There is high complexity about the patients will be sent to the emergency room (ER) in medical process across with different organizations nearest responsible hospital by ambulance. ER is the because the care operation including multiple most busy and disorder area in hospital. There is big procedures and it's hard to pre-scheduling when there different characteristic from the operating of
more » ... emergency are many random emergencies happened in the chaotic medicine to outpatient services and inpatient services. environment. The bottleneck of emergency medicine The schedule of care procedure in emergency medicine system is hard to integrate the virtual data andphysical arrange by the level of treatment triage, not by the object in emergency medical service (EMS) in real time priority of waiting time. with limited resource. The scheduling of care in ER always interrupts and The research describes an empirical experience changes when the patients are sent into continually. So about how Wan-Fang hospital in Taiwan implements it's difficult to deploy medical staff and medical RFID technology in EMS at the first stage, and how we resource in emergency medical system. Especially when integrate with the existent EMS architecture and legacy the huge disaster happened, mounts of patients and system. We develop an RFID EMS system, and evaluate families overcrowd into ER, unceasingly emergency the benefit from the implementation by quantity and event all make the disorderly situation and heavy quality methodology. The research can be referred to working pressure for the staff in ER. And it's also hard practice and academic in medical informatics related for ER to report back the locale situation for fields. superintendent to switch on the coordination plan of emergency medical system for large amount patients. Keywords. Emergency Medicine, RFID (Radio How to delivery right information to the responsible Frequency Identification), Emergency Medical Service organization at the real time, which can support to (EMS), Healthcare industry, System implementation. redeploy medical resource, response and mitigation the disaster is critical for emergency medicine. So the
doi:10.1109/health.2007.381617 fatcat:7nraojt64zcj3a3ehlq4pyfu3q