Investasi Saham: Investasi, Spekulasi, Atau Judi

Indahwati Indahwati
2020 Equilibrium: Jurnal Ekonomi-Manajemen-Akuntansi  
Stocks are proof of company ownership, which is attractive for investment. Often people become doubtful about investing in stocks, which are considered gambling. This study tries to find answers from the perspective of financial science about investment criteria, speculation and gambling. The method used in this study goes through stages starting with understanding stocks and the mechanism of stock trading to the decision of investors in buying or selling shares. The results obtained show that
more » ... obtained show that from a theoretical perspective, investment is different from speculation and gambling. Investing in stocks is not gambling, but it can be speculation or investment, depending on the attitudes and expectations of the investors themselves. When investors are risk takers and only expect capital gains without considering financial performance, this is speculation known as liquidity traders. When investors expect dividends by considering the condition of the company and other aspects, this is an investment known as an information trader. The implication of this study is that an investor must be rational in the sense of calculating risk that is proportional to the expected results.
doi:10.30742/equilibrium.v16i1.841 fatcat:tsqy2s7y2zb2rnriam5kouqj3q