Feature-based reformulation of entities in triple pattern queries [article]

Amar Viswanathan, Geeth de Mel, James A.Hendler
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Knowledge graphs encode uniquely identifiable entities to other entities or literal values by means of relationships, thus enabling semantically rich querying over the stored data. Typically, the semantics of such queries are often crisp thereby resulting in crisp answers. Query log statistics show that a majority of the queries issued to knowledge graphs are often entity centric queries. When a user needs additional answers the state-of-the-art in assisting users is to rewrite the original
more » ... y resulting in a set of approximations. Several strategies have been proposed in past to address this. They typically move up the taxonomy to relax a specific element to a more generic element. Entities don't have a taxonomy and they end up being generalized. To address this issue, in this paper, we propose an entity centric reformulation strategy that utilizes schema information and entity features present in the graph to suggest rewrites. Once the features are identified, the entity in concern is reformulated as a set of features. Since entities can have a large number of features, we introduce strategies that select the top-k most relevant and informative ranked features and augment them to the original query to create a valid reformulation. We then evaluate our approach by showing that our reformulation strategy produces results that are more informative when compared with state-of-the-art
arXiv:1807.01801v1 fatcat:wdtjiluig5cp7j4737ju4yajhu