Diffusion of a plasma subject to neutral beam injection [report]

H. Okuda, S. Hiroe
1986 unpublished
PPPL-2388 DE87 003076 Two-dimensional numerical plasma simulations have beon carried out in a uniform magnetic field to study the effects of neutral beam injection on plasma diffusion. Neutral beams injected across a magnetic field are assumed to be ionized by various ionization processes in a plasma. It is found that the suprathermal convective motion of a plasma generated by the injection of neutral beams is dissipated via anomalous viscosity, leading to enhanced cross-field diffusion. The
more » ... d diffusion. The diffusion coefficient depends weakly on the magnetic field and plasma density, similar to the diffusion due to thermally excited convective cells. The magnitude of the diffusion increases with the injection energy and is much larger than the thermal diffusion because of the presence of suprathermal plasma convection. It is shown that a similar anomalous plasma diffusion may occur in a plasma subject to radio frequency (RF) wave heating where only a localized region of plasma across a magnetic field is heated to a temperature much higher than the surrounding temperature. Theoretical investigations are given on the scaling of enhanced plasma diffusion.
doi:10.2172/6917704 fatcat:6jc4kbsb5fbahdck3rjnyrvday