DIABETES MELLITUS PADA PEREMPUAN USIA REPRODUKSI DI INDONESIA TAHUN 2007 Diabetes Mellitus in Reproductive Age Women in Indonesia 2007

Sri Wahyuni, Raihana Alkaff, Program Studi, Kesehatan Masyarakat, Fakultas Kedokteran, Ilmu Kesehatan, Uin Syarif, Hidayatullah Jakarta
Background:According tothe 2007 Basic Health Survey (Riskesdas),the prevalence of DiabetesMellitus(DM) in population aged≥15 intheurban areas was 5.7 percent. However, information about theprevalence of DMamongst women of reproductive age (15-49years) was not available. During the reproductive age period, women might get pregnant and if when Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) occurs, this will be harmful to both mother and foetus. Objective: To examine the riskfactors ofDMamongst women of
more » ... ongst women of reproductive age inIndonesiain 2007. Methods: This wasa quantitativestudy, usinga cross-sectionalstudy design. The data were derived from theBiomedical Section ofRiskesdas 2007. Results:This analysis found that 3.6 percent of women of reproductive age reported having DM. The proportion of women with the risk factors of DM were 29.6 percent (obese), 52.5 percent (lack ofphysical activity), 26.9 percent (smoking), 16.7 percent (frequently consumed fatty food),97.4 percent (low fruits andvegetables consumption). The average age of these womenwas 32years. Conclusions:Thepercentage ofDMamongst women of reproductive agewomen was3.6 percent. Interventions to reduce and prevent DM by controlling the risk factors in these women are important.