Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciemce

1874 Scientific American  
were briefly rehearsed. The third event of the year is the BIi:CENT ADVA:lICEli IN SCIENCE. FIRE DAMP EXPLOSIONS PRODUCED BY SOUND. The pap.r recently read by Mr. William Galloway, In· IP ECtO! ot Mines, ba[ore theEogjbh Royal Society-,is a valua' ble iLnd imporLallL c'lnLnblltioll, marking, we trust, the be. ginning of fllrther inve.�tig .. \ionB in'o tile prevention of the accidentB and large 10sB of life in mineB, due to exploBiona of tire damp. Tile Davy Bafety lamp hu been heretofore
more » ... en heretofore considered Bafe under allc rcumbtance8except when expoBed to the aation of an exploBive current, when the flame might be driven througll tne meshes of the wire gauze and BO cause an exploBion. But diBasterB occurring in BritiBh col· liories where the lamp was nsed becoming too frequent to be reasonably aocribed to tne existence of the above excep· tional condi,io()B, variouB theorieB have been BuggeBted; and in caseB where no ph.uBibla ground for the Bame could be {ound, carel"BsneBd of workmen appearB to have been the general a�Bumption. act of Philadelphia in the eBtab:iBhmene of a zoologiclII gar· WheatBtone, he Baid, by a revolving mirror, determined den. The IlI.Bt event iB the introduction into the United the veloc:ty of elect.icity, the duration of electrical diB' StlLtes of civil hospih.1B bailt on the pilln whicn iB known in chargep, aLd the duality in the direction of tue tranBwitted every other civilized nation aB the Americau Bystem. disturbanc�. FedderBsen, and more recently Ollr oll'n also The ma.ters of in�ere�t thllt were to come up before thu ciat�, Rood, repeated hiB experiments. l�dir�cdy thu V6-ABBociation were then briefly summarized, chisf among 10.:lty of electricity thu8 a!cerlained (and tlle great'Bt known which WllB the adoption of a new conBtitution. except that of gravitation) ha� been teBted by signlllB .hrough Tae formal openiDg of the BesBion included a ppeech long IineB of land and ocelin telegrapu, giVing a lowbr figure from the chairman of the LoclII Committee, Hon. H. C. than that of WheatBtone. But tue anomaly i� due to a miB Robinpon, and It reply by PreBident LeConte. The work of interpretation. That electricity moves througu a quar,er � f
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