Color matching functions of ten Japanese observers

Kanji KATORI, Masahiro FUWA
1980 Journal of light & visual environment  
Color matching properties of Japanese observers were examined by using a new trichromator equipped with numerical control devices. The additivity law of the color matching equation was confirmed to hold good for both of the 2' and 10' fields, but it was suggested that the color matching functions might be affected by the chromatic adaptation to the color stimulus pre-exposed in the visual field. Two sets of the 10' color matching functions were obtained by ten Japanese observers. One of them
more » ... determined by the method of constant stimuli and the other by the method of adjustment. There were no appreciable differences between the two sets of the ETL 10' color matching functions, but both of them differred a little from the data of the CIE 1964 supplementary standard cotorimetric observer in the region of long wavetengths.
doi:10.2150/jlve.4.1_9 fatcat:enuszdt2tvb25n3agfpxxypl2i