Local and global even-odd effects in prompt emission in fission

Georgiana Giubega, Anabella Tudora, Franz-Josef Hambsch, A. Plompen, F.-J. Hambsch, P. Schillebeeckx, W. Mondelaers, J. Heyse, S. Kopecky, P. Siegler, S. Oberstedt
2017 EPJ Web of Conferences  
The investigation of the proton even-odd effects in prompt emission in fission for even-Z actinides revealed basic features of the global even-odd effect in prompt emission similar with those in fission fragment yields and some particular aspects, such as: (1) the even-odd effects in prompt emission are the result of two contributions: a dominant intrinsic even-odd effect due to the even-odd nuclear character of fragments reflected in their properties and a weak even-odd effect caused by the
more » ... ct caused by the fragment distributions (over which the multi-parametric matrices are averaged); (2) oscillations with a periodicity of about 5 mass units are present in different prompt emission quantities corresponding to even-Z and odd-Z fragmentations independent on the size of the even-odd effect in the charge yield Y(Z). These oscillations are due to the periodicity of nuclear properties of fragments; (3) a local even-odd effect in prompt emission quantities has been recently investigated. Similarities between prompt emission quantities and fragment yields were found in the case of the local even-odd effect, too. The local even-odd effect in both fragment charge yields and prompt emission quantities exhibit a pronounced increase at asymmetry values corresponding to fragmentations in which the heavy fragment (Z = 50 and/or N = 82) or the light one (Z = 28) is magic.
doi:10.1051/epjconf/201714604039 fatcat:tcbwzlwwofalbcndrwtayrxoki