The Nanaimo Free Press [Monday, March 6, 1911] [article]

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HWUll^tEItVIEWED ■V ONREOmaTV T.tfonto. Miir. e.--n>« reciproclti-a«reeramt wlU prove it grrmi stimulus to tablng hunlieriag uid mining." skid WiUWun Sloan, «ho is in Uw eoM. on private biieinaes. in an inUrvlOTr today. U« does not •*!>«« axj diaoMer to tbs fridt growing tadusto'. He says the orchorila ol ilriUsh Colundna ore not fully devnloped. and will toke al out Uve years to reach their full developing capacity. Hy that limo the demand "n the prai ries will exceed the supply. London. Mar.
more » ... t.-The Poll MalJ OiixeUe says ihnt if laoirier persists in driving straight nhvod with the agreoos-m. he aill not only be chalktiglng Canada s amour propne. but will !>• flouting aoventl sagacious and very tirarllcal conshlemtions. Af ter Saturday s evSnls at Washington the reasons (or delay at OMawa ors icoraUy overwkaliniag. 1000 WOMEN WANT r ASSAGE TO CANADA C«NNAUGirS fm VISIT TIE MISER lAjndon. Mar. ft.-The Ihikt and Imch^-Of Connaught have accepted an '^^-ijatlon to visit the Kaiser ---^ their leaving for Canada. UBERALS If ' SAANICH HAVE PISIANIER ..v, London, Mar. ft.-O. Hdwv.ll, a C.P.R. agent, haa four th<msand women apidlconu as emigranU for Canada. Fifty leate in April and ono hundred In May. h\irlher parties will leave throughout the year. a thoroughly iiMKtmg of the Lioeml baanlth District, hold at the Uoyat Ihibllc Hail, and attoiuled among others, by Mr. iho llrydoD, who was the Utersl condidale lui the coi»titdeocy al the last I'rovintial geoerul olucUon. it was derhlud by n.«uJutioa passed with Jiraituai un.ininhly, in view of 'the roeity proposals of the Fettersl SlffMESFIH TIE ^TAINNC CUNESE HAIIWAVSVIU ACCERT lATE KOSHN -The Uuford. load-Washington. -Mar. ft-The mHronda ed with suppli^ lor the lamishiag. twill probably aces|it the rote dsel--led for Chins tods the cargo is fifty lars. Window and 0£Qlce Cleaningl y month, satiafaction guarar'-T. ouMMmoe
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