ArduCode: Predictive Framework for Automation Engineering [article]

Arquimedes Canedo and Palash Goyal and Di Huang and Amit Pandey and Gustavo Quiros
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Automation engineering is the task of integrating, via software, various sensors, actuators, and controls for automating a real-world process. Today, automation engineering is supported by a suite of software tools including integrated development environments (IDE), hardware configurators, compilers, and runtimes. These tools focus on the automation code itself, but leave the automation engineer unassisted in their decision making. This can lead to increased time for software development
more » ... e of imperfections in decision making leading to multiple iterations between software and hardware. To address this, this paper defines multiple challenges often faced in automation engineering and propose solutions using machine learning to assist engineers tackle such challenges. We show that machine learning can be leveraged to assist the automation engineer in classifying automation, finding similar code snippets, and reasoning about the hardware selection of sensors and actuators. We validate our architecture on two real datasets consisting of 2,927 Arduino projects, and 683 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) projects. Our results show that paragraph embedding techniques can be utilized to classify automation using code snippets with precision close to human annotation, giving an F1-score of 72%. Further, we show that such embedding techniques can help us find similar code snippets with high accuracy. Finally, we use autoencoder models for hardware recommendation and achieve a p@3 of 0.79 and p@5 of 0.95.
arXiv:1909.04503v4 fatcat:2kfya3t7knhl7bdqqvrg6ke4km