Evgeniy Panin, Sergey Lezhnev, Abdrakhman Naizabekov, Toncho Koinov
2016 Journal of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy   unpublished
The present paper describes the common theoretical grounds referring to the realization of the combined "rolling-equal-channel step pressing" process. The investigation carried out lead to the formulation of empirical equations providing the calculation of the values of the forces of rolling, pressing and back pressure from the matrix as well as those of the diameters of the rolls determining the best capture angle of the work piece. The computer simulations required focused on the
more » ... on the stress-strain state, the temperature distribution, the effect of the work piece tilting on the process parameters. A program for the estimation of the optimal value of the channels intersection angle in the matrix and hence of a quick determination of the optimal conditions for this combined process implementation was advanced. All results obtained indicate that the combined "rolling-pressing" process can be implemented to produce parts of a sub-ultrafine-grained structure.