Recognition of Finger-spelled Letters Using MY VISON System
MY VISION システムを用いた指文字認識

Manabu HIRAKAWA, Joo Kooi TAN, Hyoungseop KIM, Seiji ISHIKAWA, SATOSI Hamada, SATOSI Hamada
Proceedings of the Annual Conference of Biomedical Fuzzy Systems Association  
This paper proposes a method of recognizing finger-spelled letters using the MY VISION system which contains a camera mounted on the chest of a human and a PC. A finger-speller performs the spelling to the camera. The images of the speller's hand are captured and hand areas are detected employing skin color. For the detection, skin color calibration is performed in advance to cope with various illumination conditions and cluttered backgrounds. The shape and motion of the hand area are analyzed
more » ... o recognize the finger-spelled letters. The PCA and the nearest neighbor method are employed for the recognition. The high recognition rate with the finger-spelled letters was achieved by the proposed system along with the high speed recognition.
doi:10.24466/pacbfsa.29.0_41 fatcat:lpvppvsuovdkjacunt7ezaqiei