Supplementary material to "The impact of deep convection representation in a global atmospheric model on the warm conveyor belt and jet stream during NAWDEX IOP6" [post]

Gwendal Rivière, Meryl Wimmer, Philippe Arbogast, Jean-Marcel Piriou, Julien Delanoë, Carole Labadie, Quitterie Cazenave, Jacques Pelon
2021 unpublished
Figure S 1. Latitudinally-averaged (63 • -65 • ) heating rates (int: 0.2 K h −1 ) in B85 run for (a) computed with finite differences in time and space as in the whole paper and (b) resulting from the sum of all diabatic tendencies issued from model outputs. Panel (b) is the sum of (c) stratiform heating, (d) parametrized convection heating, (e) radiative heating and (f) turbulence heating.
doi:10.5194/wcd-2021-38-supplement fatcat:qqcsfrftrjfsdgnzpoksz5kzhe