Current Importance and New Challenges of the Permanent Teacher Training

Francisco Imbernón Muñoz
2012 Revista Electrónica de Investigación Educativa  
During the last years of the 20th Century, the teachers' training has been one of the fields of education area that most commonly has been included in texts and institutional practices. The teacher's training field, although has some conceptual confusions and great amount of literature unknown to our context, allows some doubts about facts that were immovable for a long period of time or that became stagnant in some kind of institutional inertia, and on the other side, it empowers new elements
more » ... owers new elements to appear, in order to act as hidden and driving forces for a change of teachers education. If we add that all of that is set in a context where the action-research and the rational practice (with the incorporation of some reflections of critical rationality) assume importance, it could be affirmed that the conditions for a change in the formation are being given.
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