Les verbes à objets cognats en portugais européen: quelques réflexions sur la conversion et la génération de mots *

Celda Choupina
2009 on cognate objects, Marantz (1993) and Alexiadou   unpublished
The text analyzes the verbs with cognate objects in European Portuguese and provides an analysis of this phenomenon in the framework of Distributed Morphology, and a few ideas of the Minimalist Program. In this paper we only develop the analysis of the constructions of the type of chorar um choro... [cry a cry...] and cantar uma cantiga [sing a song]. Since a lexicalist theory as the one developed by Hale & Keyser (1993; 2002) can't solve all the issues raised by the various types of
more » ... types of constructions in EP, we will try an analysis that combines the contributions of Haugen