Optimal positioning of groundwater supply wells in residential areas with uncertain information

RAR Prabodanie
2016 Journal of the National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka  
A simulation-optimisation based methodology has been proposed for identifying economically and ecologically optimal locations for new groundwater supply wells. The locations with a minimum possibility of getting contaminated or drying out within a reasonable time period. A simulation model developed with MODFLOW (modular three-MT3DMS (modular three dimensional multispecies transport model) was used to determine the spatiotemporal effects of potential pollution sources and water withdrawals.
more » ... e Carlo method was used with the simulation models to incorporate the uncertainty in the behaviour of potential pollution sources and water extractions. This integrated methodology was illustrated using a small hypothetical case study. The results indicate that readily invisible hydro-geological factors such as heterogeneous characteristics of subsurface strata, irregular positioning decisions recommended by the proposed model potentially feasible and sustainable locations for new water supply wells, given uncertain information on future events. Since the uncertainty of available information is taken into account, this methodology is suitable for locating wells in poorly understood aquifers utilised for residential supply. The minimising negative environmental impacts.
doi:10.4038/jnsfsr.v44i3.8005 fatcat:75kwic2hxnelpkoebb5626cwei