Growth with Exhaustible Natural Resources: Efficient and Optimal Growth Paths. Review of Economic Studies

R Solow, A Tornell, A Velasco
1999 Capital Accumulation in an Economy with Industrial and Agricultural Sectors. Annals-Economy Series   unpublished
The purpose of this article is to present the role of competency models in human resources management and to attempt an assessment of the number of organisations in Poland that have implemented such models, and of their effectiveness. The nature of the competency models' role has been assessed based on a literature review. The scale of use of competency models by organisations has been evaluated using desk research as the research technique. Sources of information consisted of the Study of
more » ... f the Study of Human Capital (Bilans Kapitału Ludzkiego) database by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) and reports from research conducted by the Institute of Business Development (IBR) and PARP. The conclusions are as follows: more © Barbara Wyrzykowska, 2016 32 than half of the companies surveyed (50.6%) have no competency model, models of most companies (56%) that participated in the survey consisted of nine competencies and, according to the respondents, the models in their companies are average in terms of their effectiveness.