A randomised controlled trial of blood pressure self-monitoring in the management of hypertensive pregnancy. OPTIMUM-BP: A feasibility trial

Louise M. Pealing, Katherine L. Tucker, Lucy H. Mackillop, Carole Crawford, Hannah Wilson, Alecia Nickless, Eleanor Temple, Lucy C. Chappell, Richard J. McManus
2019 Pregnancy Hypertension  
To assess the feasibility of a blood pressure self-monitoring intervention for managing pregnancy hypertension. OPTIMUM-BP was an unmasked randomised controlled trial comparing a self-monitoring of blood pressure (SMBP) intervention versus usual care for the management of pregnancy hypertension. Women with chronic (CH) or gestational hypertension (GH) from 4 UK centres were randomised (2:1) intervention to control. Self-monitoring involved daily home blood pressure (BP) measurements, with
more » ... rements, with recording via study diary or telemonitoring. Clinicians were invited to use the home readings in clinical and antihypertensive titration decisions. The primary outcomes were recruitment, retention, adherence and persistence with the intervention. Women from four UK centres were randomised: 158/222 (71%) of those approached agreed, comprising: 86 women with chronic hypertension (55 SMBP, 31 control) and 72 with gestational hypertension (49 SMBP, 23 control) of whom outcome data were available from 154 (97%) and were included in the analysis. The median (IQR) number of days with home BP readings per week were 5.5 (3.1-6.5) for those with chronic hypertension and 6.1 (4.5-6.7) with gestational hypertension. Participants persisted with the intervention for 80% or more of their time from enrolment until delivery in 86% (43/50) and 76% (38/49) of those with chronic and gestational hypertension respectively. Recorded clinic and study BPs were similar for both groups. This is the first randomised investigation of BP self-monitoring for the management of pregnancy hypertension and indicates that a large RCT would be feasible.
doi:10.1016/j.preghy.2019.09.018 pmid:31618706 fatcat:aqknx4e3zvgpzgt3c5p2vapdyq