Structural Performance Assessment of Through-Column-Type Beam-to-Column Joints

Mostafa Nabati, Tadeh Zirakian, Amir Shahmohammadi, Mohammad Hajsadeghi
2018 American Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture  
Reinforced Concrete-Steel (RCS) moment frames consisting of reinforced concrete columns and steel beams are one of several types of hybrid structural systems which are considered as high-performing and costeffective alternatives to traditional reinforced concrete or steel frames. A primary challenge in the design of RCS frames is the proper detailing of the connection between the steel beam and the reinforced concrete column components. Hence, much of the research has focused on the design and
more » ... on the design and behavior of the composite beam-to-column joints, which are classified into through-beam-type and through-column-type categories. This study focuses on the structural performance assessment of the through-column-type joints with different detailings through experimental investigations and numerical simulation. In this research, three distinct damage patterns have been identified for the through-column-type joints and the effectiveness of proper detailing on the strength, stiffness, and toughness performance enhancement of such connections is demonstrated through experimental investigations. Moreover, the capability of the OpenSees program in simulating the structural response of the RCS frames with through-columntype joints is shown and the degrading effect of the load-cycles repetition on the connection load capacity is investigated and verified.
doi:10.12691/ajcea-6-4-5 fatcat:6azfi5e7ufaz3dn4t4s4l2l42u