Lubna Zaghlul Bashir
2016 unpublished
Microsoft Word is a word processing program that is used to create professional looking documents such as reports, resumes, letters, memos, and included many powerful tools that can be used to easily create and edit documents, and collaborate with others. this book provides an overview of the word user interface and covers how to perform basic tasks such as starting and existing the program ,creating, saving, opening, closing, editing, paragraph formatting (including line
more » ... luding line spacing, indenting and creating bulleted or numbered list)and document formatting (including headers and footers), and printing documents, applying styles and other automatic formatting options, creating tables, applying borders and shading to text and tables, and inserting graphics into document and getting help. Microsoft Excel is a tool that can be used in virtually all careers and is valuable in both professional and personal settings. Whether you need to keep track of medications in inventory for a hospital or create a financial plan for your retirement, Excel enables you to do these activities efficiently and accurately. Microsoft Excel includes the knowledge and skills required to analyze information in an electronic worksheet and to format information using function specific to spreadsheet formatting. Topics include the ability to use formulas and functions, sort data, modify the structure of an electronic worksheet, and edit and format data in worksheet cells. Elements also include the ability to display information graphically using charts, and to analysis worksheet data as it appears in tables or graphs. Microsoft PowerPoint includes the knowledge and skills required to communicate effectively with presentation software, and to use simple functions specific to creating and editing presentations. This work explain the ability to create and modify slides in presentation, create different types of presentation output and identify the most effective ways to use a presentation program to communicate with others.