Carcinoma of the larynx

Patrick Dempsey
1903 Transactions of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland  
MY principal object in bringing forward this communication is to read the notes of the following case of laryngeal epithelioma, which I have already exhibited at this meeting of the Surgical Section of the Royal Academy in Ireland. P. B., a school teacher from the North of Ireland, ~et. 62, consulted me on June 23rd, 19o2. He gave the following history : Three years previously he noticed that his voice tired rapidly. For nearly two years this was the only inconvenience experienced, but then
more » ... enced, but then slight hoarseness developed, and speaking became a rather difficult task. The hoarseness increasing, he became anxious about his condition, and now for the first time consulted the local doctor. Simple remedies proving ineffective, he went to Belfast, where a laryngeal examination was made, and he was informed that he had a small growth in the interior of his larynx. Portions of the growth were removed endolaryngeally, a microscopic examination was made, and he was informed that he was suffering from a " papilloma." His medical man recommended operation with a view to removal, but this was refused, anda week later he travelled to Dublin, was admitted to the Mater Hospital, and thus came under my notice. At the time of admission the patient, a thin, pale, but not unhealthy-looking man, spoke in little more than a whisper. He gave the history just related, and in reply to further questions I found a very good family history. He had not suffered from syphilis, and beyond * Read at the Section of Surgery of the Royal Academy of Medicine in ireland, on April 3, I9~
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