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1971 Pharmacology  
R. M. Love: The chemical biology of fishes. Academic Press, London 1970. XVI + 547 pp.; 103 fig. E7.00. This book tries to establish a biology of fishes on account of the chemical composition of fish organisms. The first chapter is devoted to technical problems, particularly to the dependence of analytical results upon morphological and functional factors. The four following chapters deal with the chemistry of fishes in relation to their life cycle, with chemical differences between and within
more » ... pecies, with the influence of environment on chemical composition and with the role of depletion, respectively. The second and the third part of the book with a total of about 200 pages are reserved to index purposes. There is firstly an index of chemical substances which contains the various compounds together with the pertaining page numbers of the text and the reference numbers of the bibliography. In a similar index the fish names are summarized. This is followed by lists of fish genera and common names of fishes, by the list of references with 1,407 citations and by the subject index. The book contains many practical and very useful informations on the chemical analysis of fishes. Its special and unique importance, however, lies in the evaluation of a large number of original papers. It is, therefore, an indispensable book of reference for everybody engaged in fish biology. K. Karzel, Bonn J. Paul: Cell and Tissue Culture. 4th Ed. Livingstone, Edinburgh 1970. XII + 430 pp.; 60 fig.; 16 plates. E2.25. This book which was published for the first time in 1959 appears now in its fourth, largely revised edition. A lot of new material has been added; this was not possible without increasing the number of pages. The book is devoted primarily to nearly all areas of cell, tissue and organ culture techniques. In chapters 1-4 some basic principles of cell biology are discussed. The remaining 17 chapters, however, deal entirely with practical topics, such as composition and preparation of culture media, cleaning and sterilisation procedures and aseptic techniques, with established cell lines, with morphological and quantitative studies on cultured cells and with many other topics. As cell, tissue and organ culture techniques are now applied in many medical and biological disciplines this book will be of interest to numerous readers. It can be warmly recommended as a valuable source of information and as a very useful aid to everybody engaged in this field, to the beginner as well as to the experienced worker, to the technician as well as to the scientist. K. Karzel, Bonn Management of Renal Failure. British Medical Bulletin, vol. 27. The British Council, London 1970. 95 pp.; E2.-. This issue of the British Medical Bulletin is a multidisciplinary approach to management of renal failure. There are contributions on the management of uraemic emergency, on surgical and paediatric aspects, on problems of renal failure in the tropics, on the role of hypertension or anaemia, on the treatment with anti-318
doi:10.1159/000136258 fatcat:2akm4abx55bczlzuq3gmhf5t6e