Design and Fabrication of Automatic Fuse Insertion Machine

Raghunath M, Nijandhan K, Vijay Dharan S, Saran T, Shri Sakthi V
2019 Bulletin of Scientific Research  
Fireworks are a class of low explosive pyrotechnic devices used for aesthetic and entertainment purposes. In our project, we automate the fuse insertion process of the Chinese cracker (Bhijili). In India, the fuse insertion is done by handmade process. Due to handmade process, it creates serious health problems to the labours and it requires more labour, consumes more time. So, we planned to implement this process in a "PLC based automatic machine". In which we combined Piercing, Dipping and
more » ... ing, Dipping and Fuse Insertion. In reference of cracker manufacturing in China, they already had automatic fuse insertion, but they have a different procedure (chemical filling is done after the fuse insertion) compared to our country's procedure, fuse is inserted after chemical filling. In our automation, we sequence the process of piercing and fuse insertion in an automatic manner. Advantage of our project are, increases productivity, reduced lead time, elimination of setup time, reduce the cost, fewer accident. For an emergency safety to the human and the surroundings, we use the fireball (mono ammonium phosphate) for the occasional fire accident which reduces the concentration of the blast in a few seconds.
doi:10.34256/bsr1923 fatcat:s673na3r5jezhfgq2sx4mrjjy4