Outcome Based Education for Educational Institutes

Narendra Jha, Naman Krishna, Ritu Rani, Ashutosh Kumar, Rajan Kumar
2016 GRD Journals-Global Research and Development Journal for Engineering |   unpublished
In this contribution a novel methodology called Leadership Learning Model is proposed for increasing the outcome based education in technical education institutes. This model creates a platform where students and faculty can work collectively for academics as well as for student's area of interest and leads to skill set development in their concerned areas. Keeping in the view of outcome based education, skill set empowerment and student psychology; Eight clubs were designed based on Gardner
more » ... based on Gardner multiple intelligence concepts and developed by considering broad domains of engineering, social and personal interests of students. Further a rural area located technical education institute: Excel College of Engineering & Technology-Komarapallayam, India has been considered for testing the proposed model. A group of students were identified randomly as leadership students for testing the model and were allowed to identify their area of interest based on some preliminary competitions. Accordingly they have been kept in corresponding clubs and are given support to work for the club. The model is successfully implemented in the campus and is kept under observation for three consecutive academic years. It is found effective and efficient model in developing a student in his interested area which leads to skillset empowerment and increased employability and entrepreneurship.