Dimensional reduction of the Abelian Higgs Carroll-Field-Jackiw model

H. Belich, M. M. Ferreira, J. A. Helay�l-Neto
2005 European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields  
Taking as a starting point a Lorentz non-invariant Abelian-Higgs model defined in 1+3 dimensions, we carry out its dimensional reduction to D=1+2, obtaining a new planar model composed by a Maxwell-Chern-Simons-Proca gauge sector, a massive scalar sector, and a mixing term (involving the fixed background (v^μ) that imposes the Lorentz violation to the reduced model. The propagators of the scalar and massive gauge field are evaluated and the corresponding dispersion relations determined. Based
more » ... the poles of the propagators, a causality and unitarity analysis is carried out at tree-level. One then shows that the model is totally causal and unitary.
doi:10.1140/epjc/s2004-02033-x fatcat:lolsjcxu5zeq7bkrcm7iezoohq