Voices in the Village: An inquiry into tourism, communities and community-based tourism in Cambodia [article]

Simon Pawson, University, The Australian National, University, The Australian National
In this era of mass tourism, phenomena such as sustainable tourism, responsible tourism, rural tourism, eco-tourism, pro-poor tourism and community-based tourism have received increased attention from both practitioners and researchers. If established and managed correctly, these alternative forms of sustainable tourism have the potential to substantially contribute toward community development and to provide visitors with unique, often educational experiences. This pathway is not without
more » ... s not without problems, for the literature also reveals that the majority of community-based tourism projects fail within the first two years of operation. In considering the benefits of sustainable tourism, in particular community-based tourism, as a mechanism for rural development and poverty alleviation, I have wanted to inquire how to better understand the merits and failings of community-based tourism in the context of the community itself and tourism development in a specific country. In attempting to achieve this, the aim of my research asked what we might learn regarding tourism development, communities and particularly community-based tourism as one viable means of sustainable rural development in Cambodia. Moreover, how might my contribution be utilized by others with respect to this aspect of tourism? In order to understand and document the relationship between tourism development, rural communities and community-based tourism in Cambodia, I firstly draw upon a document and historical analysis that identifies a conceptual understanding of community development through tourism, particularly community-based tourism. I then provide a detailed narrative that concerns itself with the evolution, definitions and management of community-based tourism. The second part of this thesis focuses specifically on Cambodia. I investigate the social fabric of Cambodian communities, and in doing so, identify assets that may be beneficial toward sustainable tourism development. I continue through providing an analysis of tourism development in Cambodi [...]
doi:10.25911/5d611e4347d3f fatcat:ixyizw3tybhuzim3mdv5j42jfm