Object-oriented enterprise modelling

Hao Zhao
This thesis presents a method for business analysis: Object-Oriented Enterprise Modelling (OOEM). The purpose of enterprise modelling is to assist user to understand, capture, and communicate both structural and dynamic aspects of business activities in an organization. Based on the research by Wand and Woo in this area, this thesis derives from ontology a formal model of an object and object-oriented system. It proposes a Request Propagation Algorithm, a systematic method for finding objects
more » ... r finding objects and creating an enterprise model. It also discusses the use of Object Communication Diagram to model the interactions among objects and Object Detail Template to specify services, attributes and request propagation of a single object. To illustrate the way in which the method can be applied, a reasonably realistic case analysis is presented. Finally, the thesis examines the contributions of OOEM to the field of object-oriented modelling by comparing it with Coad and Yourdon OOA, Jacobson's business modelling method, and Rumbaugh's OMT.
doi:10.14288/1.0086854 fatcat:n3ihnbvl6vhtxhy3ww4l7zmfbq