Studying the Impact of New Proposed Passageways across Suez Canal on Multiple Freight Activities Performance

2021 International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering  
For a short time, transportation activities through Suez Canal, using the regular passages, face troubles with transport freight /people because of a big flow rate. Five new passageways were proposed to help in transporting freights through the canal. It tends to support the activities of transport mobility across the canal. This study aims at studying the effect of the new passageways by predicting the multiple freight activities performance. As the travel time, cost, and distance are the
more » ... rmance modules of driver utility when choosing among passageways, the real distance and time are estimated using ArcGIS which is a Geographic Information System GIS tool before and after the new passageways. For the chosen case, from Cairo to Sinai cities, the saving of real-time values is calculated for the three modes; lorry, pick-up car, and personal car. Also, it estimates the utility functions and analyzes the monetary cost of time using Value of Time VOT inferred from the utility function and the saved time in each trip. For activities carried by the selected modes, the average estimated monetary costs of time-saving are 2192, 668, and 48 L.E/trip with different values of the time that show the proposed optimistic effect of new passageways
doi:10.30534/ijatcse/2021/171022021 fatcat:7j6dsgeo3bhsri3sxf7qdqfqve