O. Babatunde, G. Ajayi, O. O. Ajayi, I. A. Ajayi
2021 Journal of Chemical Society of Nigeria  
Afraegle paniculata (Schumach. & Thonn.) Engl. commonly known as Nigerian powder-flask is a plant of rutaceae family found in West Africa from Senegal to Nigeria. The chemical composition of seeds and seed oil of Afraegle paniculata were evaluated in this study. The seed oil was obtained by soxhlet extraction using n-hexane. Chemical composition analyses involved proximate, mineral element, physicochemical and phytochemical. The percentage mean value of the proximate analysis revealed that the
more » ... eeds contained 28.81±0.02 % crude fat, 25.03±0.12 % crude protein, 10.90±0.03 % moisture, 3.11±0.01 % ash, 25.19±0.02 % crude fibre and 6.96±0.14 % carbohydrate. The mineral element analysis result showed that potassium (114.87 mg/l) was the predominant mineral element followed by magnesium (47.20±0.037 mg/l) and sodium (45.37±0.53 mg/l). Other minerals present were calcium (2.12±0.014 mg/l), iron (1.12±0.028 mg/l), copper (0.41±0.002 mg/l), zinc (0.39±0.094 mg/l) and manganese (0.29±0.005 mg/l). The oil was liquid at room temperature and golden yellow in appearance. The recorded pH, acid, peroxide, iodine, saponification, ester and oil yield values were 3.94, 1.29 mgKOH/g, 17.57 meq/kg, 42.24 mgI2/100g, 203.76 mgKOH/g, 202.47 mgKOH/g, 40.77 % w/w respectively . The presence of alkaloids, saponins, terpenoids, steroids and anthraquinone were evident in the phytochemical screening of the seed oil. Nutritional profile of A. paniculata seed could offer a scientific basis for use of the seeds and oils both in human diet and some commercial products. Keywords: Afraegle paniculata, proximate, mineral elements, physicochemical and phytochemical.
doi:10.46602/jcsn.v46i2.616 fatcat:2gcb356oznhdpaousqgc34zeei