Fire-Flame Detection Using Fuzzy Logic
퍼지 로직을 이용한 화재 불꽃 감지

Hyun-Jae Hwang, Byoung-Chul Ko
2009 The KIPS Transactions PartB  
In this paper, we propose the advanced fire-flame detection algorithm using camera image for better performance than previous sensors-based systems which is limited on small area. Also, previous works using camera image were depend on a lot of heuristic thresholds or required an additional computation time. To solve these problems, we use statistical values and divide image into blocks to reduce the processing time. First, from the captured image, candidate flame regions are detected by a
more » ... ound model and fire colored models of the fire-flame. After the probability models are formed using the change of luminance, wavelet transform and the change of motion on time axis, they are used for membership function of fuzzy logic. Finally, the result function is made by the defuzzification, and the probability value of fire-flame is estimated. The proposed system has shown better performance when it compared to Toreyin's method which perform well among existing algorithms.
doi:10.3745/kipstb.2009.16b.6.463 fatcat:ry6emb2ddje6tactooqzqq5pim