Advanced Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) System

Harsh Ahlawat, Gautham Menon, Girish Chhabra
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
Internet plays a crucial part in everyone's life. As the population rate is increasing, the demand for wireless data is also varying at an exponential rate but the speed is insufficient to accommodate with this exceed of population. It is mandatory to develop and implemented various technologies which can provide high speed communication. In the recent study, the authors are doing profound study on technology of Li-Fi and the application is to transfer the data from one computer to another
more » ... ter to another computer. As Light Fidelity is a wireless data transmission technique in which light emitting diodes are used as a carrier signal to transmit the data wirelessly instead of traditional radio frequency as in Wi-Fi. In Li-Fi, LED's are considered as a key factor which is to be used in transmission because it's having low cost and Omni-presence. The aim of this paper is to show, how data transmit from one device to another. Various applications where Li-Fi has been put to use already are discussed.