Primary structure of rat insulin-like growth factor-I and its biological activities

K Tamura, M Kobayashi, Y Ishii, T Tamura, K Hashimoto, S Nakamura, M Niwa, J Zapf
1989 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
Rat insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I), a serum polypeptide with growth promoting activity, was isolated from rat serum by a combination of acid/ethanol extraction, affinity chromatography, and a series of reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography, cation exchange, and reversed phase. All peptide fragments produced by chymotrypsin digestion of reduced and carboxymethylated rat IGF-I were amino acid sequenced and compared with the sequence of human IGF-I. Three out of 70 of the rat
more » ... ut of 70 of the rat amino acid residues differed from those of human IGF-I as follows: Asp20----Pro, Ser35----Ile and Ala67----Thr. Purified rat IGF-I cross-reacted with polyclonal anti-human IGF-I antibody 75% as compared to human IGF-I, but it cross-reacted only 3% with monoclonal anti-human IGF-I antibody. Thus, it is possible to monitor the metabolic fate of human IGF-I, when injected into rats, without interference by endogenous rat IGF-I. Rat IGF-I showed 65% activity in the radioreceptor, 28.6% activity in the lipogenesis and 22.5% activity in the free fatty acid release inhibition assays as compared to human IGF-I on a protein quantity basis.
pmid:2538424 fatcat:nnobguex5zbojdzcr45mtqgede