A measurement of the proton-proton cross section at the CERN ISR

K. Eggert, H. Frenzel, K.L. Giboni, W. Thomé, B. Betev, P. Darriulat, P. Dittmann, M. Holder, K.T. McDonald, H.G. Pugh, T. Modis, K. Tittel (+5 others)
1975 Nuclear Physics B  
We present a measurement of the total cross section o t in proton-proton collisions at the CERN ISR. The method involves determination of the total interaction rate and machine luminosity. A two-arm scintillation hodoscope observes ~ 90% of the total interaction rate, while a streamer chamber is employed for event topologies missed by the main trigger. An increase of about 10% in a t is observed in the energy range x/s = 23.6 to ,v/s = 62.8 GeV/c in agreement with previous experiments.
doi:10.1016/0550-3213(75)90201-1 fatcat:7e4ttwbtlbagdjivbal6whi2hm