How does Cisternostomy work?

Iype Cherian
CISTERNOSTOMY Cisternostomy is opening the basal cisterns to atmospheric pressure. This technique helps to reduce the intracranial pressure in severe head trauma as well as multiple other conditions when the so called malignant brain swelling troubles the surgeon. We are elaborating the proposed physiology of how cisternostomy works and the surgical anatomy of this procedure. This novel technique has the scope of changing a lot of current trends in Neurosurgery. The current scenario The
more » ... cenario The severely head injured patient is usually han­ dled by the junior residents and the Critical care physi­ cians in most settings over the world. Advancements in microsurgery have not been put to practice in head trauma surgery and the surgical option is over hun­ dred years old, done mostly by inexperienced resi­ dents. Advancements in critical care has to an extent decreased the mortality in severe head trauma, but there are huge lacunae in the surgical treatment for this unique and complex problem.