Collaborative Computation Offloading and Resource Allocation in Cache-Aided Hierarchical Edge-Cloud Systems

Yanwen Lan, Xiaoxiang Wang, Chong Wang, Dongyu Wang, Qi Li
2019 Electronics  
The hierarchical edge-cloud enabled paradigm has recently been proposed to provide abundant resources for 5G wireless networks. However, the computation and communication capabilities are heterogeneous which makes the potential advantages difficult to be fully explored. Besides, previous works on mobile edge computing (MEC) focused on server caching and offloading, ignoring the computational and caching gains brought by the proximity of user equipments (UEs). In this paper, we investigate the
more » ... mputation offloading in a three-tier cache-assisted hierarchical edge-cloud system. In this system, UEs cache tasks and can offload their workloads to edge servers or adjoining UEs by device-to-device (D2D) for collaborative processing. A cost minimization problem is proposed by the tradeoff between service delay and energy consumption. In this problem, the offloading decision, the computational resources and the offloading ratio are jointly optimized in each offloading mode. Then, we formulate this problem as a mixed-integer nonlinear optimization problem (MINLP) which is non-convex. To solve it, we propose a joint computation offloading and resource allocation optimization (JORA) scheme. Primarily, in this scheme, we decompose the original problem into three independent subproblems and analyze their convexity. After that, we transform them into solvable forms (e.g., convex optimization problem or linear optimization problem). Then, an iteration-based algorithm with the Lagrange multiplier method and a distributed joint optimization algorithm with the adoption of game theory are proposed to solve these problems. Finally, the simulation results show the performance of our proposed scheme compared with other existing benchmark schemes.
doi:10.3390/electronics8121430 fatcat:bmfzujnrlvd6jf6wlbctgc5wo4