Synthesis and Characterization of Co(II) and Ni(II) complexes of Schiff base derived from Ninhydrin and Valine

Bekele Yirga, Achalu Chimdi, P.Thillai Arasu
2020 International Journal of ChemTech Research  
In this study, Complexes of Co (II) and Ni (II) ions with Ruhmann's purple (ligand) were successfully synthesized and characterized. The complexes of NiL2and CoL2were synthesized by using template condensation synthesis method and characterized by melting point, solubility, elemental analysis, and molar conductance, and magnetic susceptibility, infrared and electronic spectral studies. The complexes, NiL2and CoL2 are soluble in ethanol, partially soluble in Diethyl ether and chloroform and
more » ... chloroform and insoluble in hexane and petroleum ether. The complexes, NiL2and CoL2 neither melt nor decompose up to 4200C. The molar conductance of NiL2and CoL2 was 42 Scm2/mol and 46Scm2/mol in respectively. The molar magnetic susceptibility of two complexes was 1.74 BM for NiL2 and 2.76 BM for CoL2. The metal to ligand ratio of both metal complexes was 1:2; both metal complexes are non-electrolytes in ethanol and are paramagnetic at 210C. Based on the spectral data and other analytical data, monobasic ONO donor behavior of the ligand (Ruhmann's purple) generates octahedral geometry for the pink-green colored Ni (II) complex and green colored Co (II) complex.
doi:10.20902/ijctr.2019.130324 fatcat:fw4jnq2ierhnnnc4mgb6dpoxeq