NaOH-Promoted Reduction of Carbonyl Compounds Assisted by Microwave

Uyen Phuoc Nhat Tran
2021 Chemical Engineering Transactions  
The reduction of aldehydes and ketones based on MPV chemistry is one of the vital transformations in organic chemistry. In this study, MPV chemistry was developed in heating assistance of Microwave to synthesize a broad range of alcohol with yields up to 96 % by a simple, cheap, and safe synthetic protocol. Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is an excellent promoter for the reduction. The method is quite cheap and straightforward while it utilized easy-to-handle chemicals and did not require strictly
more » ... quire strictly anhydrous reagents, transition metals, or any additional ligands. This potential method encourages a scale-up upgrading of Microwave use for alcohol production.
doi:10.3303/CET2183021 doaj:a8a63e5a442441e89d198886513a5e1b fatcat:jizkvmeprbb7xjsfkds25rpnee