Measurement of Surface Properties of Woven Fabrics Using an Optical Fiber Bundle

ISHIZAWA Hiroaki, NISHIMATSU Toyonori, KAMIJYO Masayoshi, TOBA Eiji
2002 Journal of Textile Engineering  
Optical non-contact measurement for the surface properties of woven fabrics was successfully realized by using an optical fiber bundle and a photosensor. Experiments done on six woven fabrics revealed that the adjectives "brightness", "roughness", and "luster" evaluated by human visual sensation had high correlation with the optical intensities measured by this method. This optical method could measure multi properties simultaneously by changing the sensor head and offer not only a new method,
more » ... ut also an automatic on-line sensor for the surface properties of the woven fabrics.
doi:10.4188/jte.48.5 fatcat:vscyp7mtevccdfcarloqbsb64a