Karibo Benaiah Bagshaw
2017 International journal of supply chain and logistics  
Purpose: The study was carried out to throw light on how effective logistics management has on on-time delivery and sales growth. Efficient and effective logistics management is viewed and regarded as competitive tool used as a means of increasing performance. This study empirically looked at the relationship between logistics management and performance of 122 selected firms across Rivers State, Nigeria. It focused on logistics management (using the dimension of transportation and physical
more » ... n and physical distribution) on on-time delivery and sales growth.Methodology: The research framework was examined by empirical analysis of primary data collected through the use of questionnaire; hence the study adopted the research survey method.Results: The outcome of the analysis revealed that effective transportation and distribution influences on-time delivery and sales growth respectively.Contributions: Therefore, organizations should establish and maintain standard and vanilla logistics management system, so that the right amount of stock is held and economic order quantity is achieved through proper physical distribution of the product to achieve higher performance. Also, to attain reasonable on time delivery firms in general and managers in particular should be properly equipped with the newest technology in transportation.
doi:10.47941/ijscl.v1i3.180 fatcat:vpk7hczv7bh63do7kjy2xviyi4