Circular geodesic radiation in Schwarzschild spacetime: A semiclassical approach

Rafael P. Bernar, Luís C. B. Crispino, Atsushi Higuchi
2018 International Journal of Modern Physics D  
Extreme curvature settings and non-trivial causal structure of curved spacetimes may have interesting theoretical and practical implications for quantum field theories. Radiation emission in black hole spacetimes is one such scenario in which the semiclassical approach, i.e. quantum fields propagating in a non-dynamical background spacetime, adds a very simple conceptual point of view and allows us to compute the emitted power in a straightforward way. Within this context, we re-examine sources
more » ... in circular orbit around a Schwarzschild black hole, investigating the emission of scalar, electromagnetic and gravitational radiation. The analysis of the differences and similarities between these cases provide an excellent overview of the powerful conceptual and computational tool that is quantum field theory in curved spacetime.
doi:10.1142/s0218271818430022 fatcat:yqmq7u236jggzbjgnqfn4wjqum