Comprehensive Multi-platform Collaboration

Kundan Singh, Xiaotao Wu, Jonathan Lennox, Henning G. Schulzrinne, Columbia University. Computer Science
We describe the architecture and implementation of our comprehensive multi-platform collaboration framework known as Columbia InterNet Extensible Multimedia Architecture (CINEMA). It provides a distributed architecture for collaboration using synchronous communications like multimedia conferencing, instant messaging, shared web-browsing, and asynchronous communications like discussion forums, shared files, voice and video mails. It allows seamless integration with various communication means
more » ... munication means like telephones, IP phones, web and electronic mail. In addition, it provides value-added services such as call handling based on location information and presence status. The paper discusses the media services needed for collaborative environment, the components provided by CINEMA and the interaction among those components.
doi:10.7916/d8542wdv fatcat:uq5jxazgkfbdrn63z6pjjmbmdy