Uncertainty in the automation of ontology matching

V. Cross
Fourth International Symposium on Uncertainty Modeling and Analysis, 2003. ISUMA 2003.  
The exchange of information between two agents over the Semantic Web requires a means of translating between the "vocabularies" of the agents. Much research has focused on the use of ontologies for specifying an agent's knowledge and for exchanging information between agents. Effective communication between agents using different ontologies, however, requires determining the semantic interoperability, i.e., the agreement between the two agents' ontologies. Ontology matching is essential for the
more » ... s essential for the process of merging or aligning ontologies and for effective communication between agents. This paper presents a survey of several proposals for ontology matching and develops a framework for the process of ontology comparison from several different levels and views. The role of fuzzy set theory in measuring the quality of the match between two ontologies is examined.
doi:10.1109/isuma.2003.1236153 fatcat:bbfmcdhyqfczteizphtvxzg36e