Memory for details about people: Familiarity, relatedness, and gender congruency [dataset]

James A. Kole, Alice F. Healy
2010 PsycEXTRA Dataset   unpublished
This study examines factors that influence memory for details about people. In two experiments, subjects learned fictitious details about familiar (friends, relatives) and/or unfamiliar individuals, and were tested both immediately and after a 1-week delay. To control for a confounding between familiarity and genetic relatedness in Experiment 1, in Experiment 2 specific relationships (identical twin, first cousin, acquaintance) were assigned to unfamiliar individuals. Across experiments,
more » ... experiments, retention was enhanced for familiar compared to unfamiliar individuals, for friends/acquaintances compared to relatives, for more closely than distantly related individuals, and for individuals of the opposite gender as the subject.
doi:10.1037/e520592012-743 fatcat:7rnkfsuhevdrjk3ghvez2vcbna