Desenvolvimento de protocolos de dosimetria interna empregando o código MCNPx e fantomas voxelizados de referência da ICRP 110

Bruno Melo Mendes
2017 Brazilian Journal of Radiation Sciences  
The objective of this work was to perform internal dosimetry calculations for 18 F-FDG employing the MCNPx code and ICRP 110 voxelized reference phantoms (RCP_AF and RCP_AM). The methodologies developed and validated here represent protocols of internal dosimetry holding a better anthropomorphic and anthropometric representation of the human model in which heterogeneous distributions of the emissions can be adopted, useful in the study of new radiopharmaceuticals and internal contamination
more » ... contamination cases. The reference phantoms were implemented to run on MCNPx. Biodistribution data of 18 F-FDG radiopharmaceutical provided in ICRP 128 were used in the simulations. The organs average absorbed doses and the effective doses were calculated for each model. The values obtained were compared with two reference works available in the literature for validation purposes. The means of the difference of our values and Zankl et al., 2012 reference values were -0.3% for RCP_AM and -0.4% for RCP_AF. Considering Hadid et al., 2013 reference values, the means of the deviation were -2.9% and -2.2% for RCP_AM and RCP_AF respectively. No statistically significant differences were observed (p <0.01) between the reference values and the values calculated by the internal dosimetry protocols developed by our group. Considering the 18 F-FDG validation study performed in this work, the internal dosimetry protocols developed by our group have produced suitable dosimetry data.
doi:10.15392/bjrs.v5i1.243 fatcat:7vspfkgdx5g3poaovzxeuqxnlq